Hermes (Mercury) was the swift-footed messenger, and trusted ambassador of all the gods. As we embark into the Bronze Age stage of the Metis DAO journey, we are seeking out the guidance and wisdom of those who will lead as Metis DAO ambassadors. Do you have what it takes to be our Hermes? Take on missions, tasks and gain rewards. 
About the Program 
In the Web3 era, DAO will become the infrastructure to support the running of a decentralized economy. Metis is the backbone to make it happen!
The Metis Planet Wide Ambassadors Program takes the initiative to attract Community Leaders, Blockchain Industry Experts, and Influencers to join the global ecosystem of Metis project, and become the cornerstone in the worldwide expansion of Metis. The Ambassadors take the missions and tasks, and make the contribution and gain rewards accordingly. The Planet Wide Ambassadors will enjoy the enormous benefits in the rapid development of Metis as the first platform for decentralized companies and organizations in the world, and will also have the opportunity to gain the rewards and reputation tracked on blockchain.

  • Influencers, KOLs, community leaders are welcome to apply, and we will announce the whitelisted candidates before the end of March.
  • Whitelisted Metis Ambassadors will have the privilege to invest in Metis in our Community Star A Round.
  • Ambassadors who can help to introduce Metis and educate their community about Metis will get more incentives (Metis Token) based on the contribution.
  • For the Ambassador applications in China, please consult our volunteers in China to apply. The WeChat accounts of our volunteers are: D824164539, Dream_1377

Who can join?
Community Leaders: Blockchain Industry Influencers, Developers, Freelancers, Business Owners with provable size of the community.
Number of Ambassadors 
The first batch of Metis Planet Wide Ambassadors will be limited to 30 people.
Responsibilities, Rights and Rewards

Responsibilities  Rights and Rewards
  •  To promote Metis in the local community, to hold meetups, online events, and maintain an active Metis community online.
  • Accept the assignment from Metis to provide business development, technical and community support for potential business leads.
  • Get regular training from Metis to keep up-to-date.
  • Participate in media interviews and Metis branding promotion activities as a Metis Ambassador.
  • Represent Metis to do business with potential clients and users
  • Hold meetups/events/webinars with the support from Metis
  • Create and publish social media posts, tutorials, articles, memes, videos on various channels, such as Medium, Reddit, Quora, etc.
  •  Other approved activities
  • Financial rewards. You will be paid for your work based on your measurable performance.

Ambassadors who can help to introduce Metis and educate their community about Metis will get more incentives(Metis Token) and limited Hermes Badges based on the contributions to the Ambassador program.
*Note: As a MetisDAO Ambassador, you are encouraged to contribute as much time as you can. However, you don’t have to work full-time.
Application Procedure 

  •  Applicants can self-recommend or be recommended by an existing Ambassador. Click “Apply” and fill the application form.
  •  Submit your resume and/or recommendation letter.
  • Metis will conduct the background check as of experience, resource and committed time.
  • Metis will discuss with potential Ambassadors for the missions and benefits.
  • Metis will review and approve each Ambassador application separately.
  • Metis signs the agreement with the Ambassador to clarify the rights and obligations for both sides.
  • Metis Ambassador will take responsibilities and enjoy the rights and rewards accordingly.
  • The title of Metis Ambassador is valid for one year and will be renewed upon the agreement of both sides.

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