What is Reputation Power?

How does it work?

Reputation Power will be rolled out as two key products:

  1. Reputation Power System: the Polis backend which empowers every Andromeda DApp to deploy and issue their own NFT Badges as well as the Reputation Power Matrix which is the frontend user portal for interacting with all things RP.
  2. NFT Badges: As the first integration of Reputation Power, the Metis team and projects on the network will release the first wave of RP NFT Badges. NFT Badges will be issued to eligible users based on multiple categories such as early usage of Andromeda or governance voting.

Initiating the web3 Reputation Revolution

The Trustless Trust Economy

What innovations can Reputation Power enable?

  • Minting RP Badges to reward community members for milestone achievements.
  • Allow developers to organize communities around the most dedicated contributors and provide them with benefits based on their RP.
  • Act as a private and decentralized CV to enable users to earn income from their work.
  • Allow for undercollateralized lending and credit in DeFi using RP as an appraisal method for credit worthiness.
  • RP voting mechanisms where voting weights can be assigned based on RP Badges and Reputation Power.
  • Access to metaverse lands and NFTs based on users’ RP.
  • Collaboration with others enabled by RP and the creation of a professional social network akin to LinkedIn.
  • RP based prediction markets.

Launch Alpha

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