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Andromeda. Andromeda is the name of the Metis mainnet ― the foundation of its Smart Layer 2 infrastructure. Like the neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda network is truly out of this world. It is home to a fast-growing ecosystem of decentralized apps, businesses, and communities. Andromeda is opening up a whole new galaxy of possibilities for Web3 projects to build, grow, and thrive Learn more >
An out-of-this-world game changer.

Architected to power the world’s transition to Web3 The third generation of the World Wide Web as we know it. Like the third evolution of a Pokémon, this evolved internet will have some resemblance to its predecessors, yet come packed with a whole lot more power. Web3 is a work in progress, bringing together decentralized technologies and applications, with a vision to empower every web user with full control and ownership over what they do and share online. and beyond.



EVM. EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM Equivalence means the L2 solutions and all of its modules are completely compliant with Ethereum’s formal definition of its protocol. EVM Equivalence is greater than EVM Compatibility, which comes with compatibility limitations Learn more >



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Make a jump or bridge from Web2 to Web3. Fast and simple on Andromeda.

Polis for Developers

Manage apps, domains, smart contracts, identities, transactions, and more with this middleware.

Polis for Everyone

Get a wallet with a username to access any Polis-enabled dApps. Transfer funds. View transactions.

Token Bridge

Transfer funds between Ethereum L1 and Metis L2 in $METIS $ETH $USDT $USDC $LINK $WOW.

NFT NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a type of digital identifier recorded in a blockchain. Being “non-fungible” means it cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, which is why it’s mostly used to certify authenticity and ownership. It can, however, be sold and traded by its owner. NFTs can be created with little to no coding skills, and typically contain references to digital files such as photos, videos, and audio, which make them fantastic for digital arts. Bridge

Transfer NFTs between Ethereum L1 and Metis L2 with affordable file storage on chain.

Andromeda Explorer

Search real-time and historical data from blocks, transactions, and addresses on the network.

DAC stands for Decentralized Autonomous Companies, envisioned by Metis as a revolution of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to accelerate the push towards a global Web3 economy.
DACs are fully functioning businesses like existing companies, but fully decentralized ― infrastructurally and operationally. While DAOs are limited to governance and voting, DACs will be able to execute business functions like payroll, project management, HR, communications, and more.
Metis is made for DACs, with the DAC quickstart framework already built into the infrastructure.

The First Operational System for DACs. Create your own or join one in minutes.


Level up with reputation power from activities, contributions, and achievements across chains.

And much more

Check out the roadmap for more essential tools coming soon to Andromeda.

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Get a headstart in the new economy.

Start, run, and grow your Decentralized Autonomous Company with the built-in DAC quickstart.

Voting & Governance

Roles & Permissions

HR & Operations

Finance & Payroll

Mining & Investing

Task Management

Knowledge Management

Reputation Power

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