Projects are eligible to apply for the Metis Ecosystem Development Program, effective immediately. The Metis Ecosystem Development Program welcomes existing blockchain projects, new ideas, and non-blockchain projects launched on Metis Layer 2.

All of these types of projects are eligible to apply, and all of them can enjoy the low cost, high efficiency, high scalability, high functionality, and ease of use of blockchain, while making their business sustainable for the future. The program is open to all sorts of blockchain projects, though Metis has seen the highest levels of adoption among DeFi companies.

The Metis Ecosystem Development Program includes three tracks to target different kinds of partners: existing blockchain projects, existing non-blockchain projects, and blockchain startups.




Qualified Category (two projects per category, 1,000 $METIS tokens per project)

  • DeFi (Swap/DEX, Wallet, Launchpad, Borrowing & Lending, Asset Management, Yield Aggregators, Derivatives, etc.)
  • NFT
  • DAO
  • Collaborations
  • Games
  • dApps
  • Select Other Projects



Projects are eligible to apply for Metis Ecosystem Development Program rewards, provided they meet the follow conditions:

  • Grants awarded in the form of $METIS tokens
  • Need to stake $METIS tokens for a minimum of three months to qualify
  • Need to accomplish different tasks (such as create an account, deploy a smart contract, and run a dApp on Metis Layer 2)





Projects are eligible to apply for staking and mining rewards as well. Each project myst stake at least 1,000 $METIS tokens to participate in the mining.

Rules of Builder Mining Pool ($1M worth of $METIS tokens)

A total of 50 projects can participate in the builder mining process. Builder mining yield allocation is calculated as follows:


  • Based on your staked $METIS tokens as a percentage of the total staked $METIS token pool.
  • Adjusted by a multiplier (Computation Power) determined by the tasks accomplished. These include staking $METIS tokens, deploying a smart contract on Metis Layer 2, deploying a dApp on Metis Layer 2, and more.


Projects are eligible to apply for the Metis Ecosystem Program right now. Fill out the form below today to join!



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