MetisDAO Foundation is thrilled to unveil Metis Africa, an Africa centered Metis expansion which will accelerate adoption, innovation, education, and talent development across the African continent across the African Continent.

Africans are seizing the opportunity to bypass the low infrastructure in the banking system for new blockchain and DeFi solutions. As a next target, blockchain technology should provide options to serve the unbanked population and support humanitarian initiatives.

In order to identify opportunities for Ethereum and layer 2s in the African continent, MetisDAO Foundation is building a hub where most of the challenges get addressed by our ecosystem protocols. Among the many protocols by MetisDAO foundation are the Smart layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution which is EVM equivalent, a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) infrastructure that enables anyone to create decentralized businesses with the features you can have in a traditional company, and a Digital Identity and on-chain reputation power system which is a Web3 mechanism design utilizing a privacy-first (individual centric) framework in a way where we as individuals are able to reclaim our own data, and in turn, our identity on the web.

Social collaborations have shown to be the backbone of human progress.

“Remember that blockchain is not just Defi. Looking back at history, it is the social collaborations driving human progress. So blockchain should be the place to convey “trustless social collaborations”, which can create real value and become really big. #metis“ Kevin Liu — Metis Cofounder

MetisDAO foundation is focused on building the hub of web 3 to facilitate trustless social collaborations. Our DAC infrastructure, built on the fastest and cheapest Smart layer 2 network is where we collaborate on trustless basis and make great impacts utilizing traditional company features such as ERP/CRM/payroll management/messaging etc. From company giants like Nike or Amazon to a group of friends who want to trade NFTs with each other, investment groups, social clubs, signifying a hub for the entire web3.

In Africa, hundreds of millions of people have no bank account, no access to reasonable credit, no definitive proof of qualifications and no proof that they own the land or dwelling where they have lived for generations. MetisDAO foundation is focused on increasing Metis’ reach and adoption in Africa, therefore we call on all builders, blockchain communities and universities clubs to join the Metis Africa expansion.

Metis Africa expansion is set to identify and source prospective projects for partnerships and investments. Access will be given to protocols that solve problems in Africa through Metis grants and Genesi DAC, which is a VC investor group and $100 million fund that is currently looking for projects across a large range of blockchain sectors that would be built on Metis. This includes but is not limited to: DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, metaverse, gaming, infrastructure and launchpad. Metis, regarding ecosystem development, has a goal to build a community that “offer technology, marketing and funding opportunities for projects.

Metis Africa made a debut at the CryptoFest Blockchain events in Cape Town — South Africa on 30th September. Metis team met with the African developer community, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 companies, crypto users and blockchain enthusiasts and educated them on the web 3 infrastructure being built. Metis is ready to provide the infrastructure to support African web 3 innovations and adoptions.