MetisSwap Content Campaign, July 2021
Do you have experience in content creation and have your own social channel?
Take part in the exclusive content campaign from Metis.

Here are the instructions for the campaign:

  1. Create a video/article/post about the testnet version of MetisSwap and the testnet rewards program.
  2. Publish it on your own channel.
  3. Tag Metis in your content.
  4. Share your content link in the main Metis Telegram group, @MetisDAO.


MetisSwap Content Campaign Rewards:
1st place: 500$ + Invitation to the Metis Ambassador Program
2nd-5th places: 200$
6th-10th: 100$
11th-15th: 50$

Deadline: July 30

The MetisSwap Content Campaign should focus on The second batch of minted MetisSwap test tokens has been added to the official test token list. You can now test-swap different test tokens, and enjoy the low cost, fast transactions, and ease of use offered by the Metis Layer 2 platform.


Haven’t tested MetisSwap yet?

To gain a better feel for the type of content you should produce, it’s important to test MetisSwap for yourself.

You can start testing MetisSwap here.
You can read the MetisSwap user guide here.