The wait is over! This week, MetisDAO released a demo app for our Layer 2 alpha testnet.

The release marked the next step in the evolution of Metis Rollup, a scalable Layer 2 solution that will enable people to build DApps and decentralized businesses with higher functionality, far lower fees, and an ease of use that will open the door for even blockchain novices to build.

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Want to read more about our Layer 2 alpha testnet launch? Yahoo Finance was one of many to report on the release. Meanwhile, CoinQuora went into more detail about the release and what it means for Metis’ growth.



As MetisDAO continues to grow its brand, we’re excited to introduce a new batch of ambassadors to join our journey.

Yaroslav Kozhukhov lives in Ukraine and graduated from Dnipro Polytechnic National Tech University. A veteran of the crypto industry since 2018, he has skills in Content Creation, Community development, SEO promotion and Social Marketing.

Volha Paliashchuk holds a degree in Cybernetics and is the author of many scientific articles. She co-founded KnowLedge School to teach blockchain to beginners and has been a regular speaker at a variety of events for businesses and startups.

Ece Belgin is a cryptocurrency-blockchain lecturer and researcher from Turkey with ample experience in marketing and an impressive track record in helping early-stage businesses with their growth.

Finally, Cryptocito is a fast-growing Crypto Youtuber and blockchain researcher. He is the co-founder of the popular show CryptoMondays Shanghai and Medellín.

We’ll have lots more ambassador announcements in the days and weeks to come.



Big happenings for Metis translated into lots of recent media coverage.

Cointelegraph published an article looking at existing Optimistic Rollup solutions, their shortcomings (such as lack of proper trust verification mechanisms and painful bottlenecks caused by long processing times), and how Metis Rollup aims to solve those issues.


“With the vision to backbone the Web 3.0 economy in mind, Metis has produced numerous innovations to make its rollup more robust than its predecessors. Those include supporting the operation of multiple virtual machines to avoid a throughput bottleneck; leveraging the InterPlanetary File System to protect sensitive data, lower costs, and increase efficiency; using layer-two Rangers to shorten the fraud-proof window that’s required for transactions; and providing a fully functional framework including smart contract templates, tools, and mechanisms for builders to easily plug in and build their own DApps.”

Decrypt chimed in with a closer look at venture capitalists’ increased interest in decentralized autonomous organizations, with the link between DAOs and NFTs leading the way.


“We believe [the] DAO will a starring role as the world makes the shift to Web 3.0, paving the way for fully decentralized companies that can secure the same levels of significance and influence that centralized tech giants currently enjoy in the Web 2.0 world,” Jademont Zheng, a partner at China-based Waterdrip Capital, which backs DAO-creation platform Metis, told Decrypt.” 

Next up: Blockonomi, which put out its own profile of Metis. The article went into detail about how Metis’ unique architecture enables all kinds of innovation, including making it easy for anyone (even non-technical professionals) to launch their own decentralized businesses.


“As more people look for ways to transfer ownership beyond national borders, platforms like MetisDAO’s vision of a highly integrated Web 3.0 economy make a lot of sense. Until now, people were locked into ownership structures that were based on their citizenship in a nation, not their free will to opt into digital ownership agreements. The idea might sound strange, but the global blockchain networks allow people to own items without the direct involvement of nations. There are already some good examples of this, like Decentraland, but the potential is actually much larger.”

Stay tuned for lots more news updates as Metis continues to aggressively develop and refine Metis Rollup for widespread use.


Metis recently completed its private A round of financing, raising $3 million to build our flagship Metis Rollup solution.

Metis drew widespread interest for its A round, with an array of established blockchain, crypto, and DeFi investment firms coming aboard. The main investors for this round included: Block Dream Fund, Genblock Capital, Cryptomeria Capital, Consensus Lab, PARSIQ, YBB Foundation, Flurry Capital, Chronos Ventures,, 7 O’Clock Foundation, and BMW Capital.


In our continuing quest to add to our social media presence, we have expanded to new channels. You can now follow Metis on Instagram and Reddit. Our handle for Instagram and Reddit, as well as our Twitter and Telegram accounts, is @MetisDAO. While we love our weekly newsletter readers, you can get even faster Metis updates on all of our social channels.

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