After three months of BUIDLing, our Metis Hackathon yielded an amazing 80 submissions, all of which were unique and innovative in their own ways. Judging proved to be quite the arduous task, sorting through the submissions and distilling the various aspects of the projects to ultimately determine the winners. We are so grateful to all our Hackers and are already looking forward to hosting our next Hackathon.

Now, to shine some spotlight on the winners!


Winner: DeHive

DeHive Cluster is a Yield Generating Crypto Index that unites the best-performing tokens into one basket. Metis Cluster is composed to reflect a particular market segment and bring maximum profit. Current timeline for deployment onto Andromeda mainnet is sometime in March, stay tuned for further details.

Check out the submission here.

Runner Up: EYWA

EYWA solves the interoperability issue. dApps in the DeFi space will become cross-chain, so developers will not build new apps for every chain but will activate cross-chain functionality. Currently, EYWA plans to launch around April-May this year, stay tuned for further details.

Check out the submission here.


Winner: Metis Gift

MetisGift helps charities raise additional support by creating special NFT auctions, with a transparent and fun way of donating! MetisGift will be launching March 20 and will be presented on the AIBC start-up pitch in Dubai.

Check out the submission here


Winner: Metis Safe

Metis Safe is an Ethereum-based smart contract wallet that needs a minimum number of persons to authorize a transaction before it can take place (M-of-N). If you have three primary stakeholders in your firm, for example, you may configure the wallet to need consent from all three persons before the transaction is sent. This ensures that no single person may jeopardize the funds.

Metis Safe is live on Andromeda mainnet, check it out here. It will also be submitted to the start-up pitch at AIBC in Dubai.

Runner Up: Aragon Client

Aragon client provides a full-fledged platform for DAO creation and management. The project has been deployed on Andromeda and can be viewed here.



A play to yield idle NFT game on Metis built with Unity Game Engine. This project explored combining game engines and blockchain in a very innovative way. is currently deployed on Metis testnet, check it out and play here.

Runner Up: PolyWars

PolyWars is a Play-to-Earn MMO game involving NFT spaceships and its in-game token $RESS. Compete with other players to loot $RESS, level up your planet’s mining and mint the rarest battleship. PolyWars has not determined their integration timeline yet, so stay tuned to their channels for further details.

Check out the submission here.


Winner: Star-Ledger

StarLedger is a limited NFT collection of 5,000 unique, collectible stars on the Metis network. Every star represents a star in our own galaxy. Users can use crypto to buy and sell stars. Each star is minted as an NFT along with an official StarLedger certificate as proof of ownership.

The launch/mint date is scheduled for February 8th. Check out the website here for more information.

Runner Up: Gift Cards NFT

Gift Cards NFT service mints an NFT using a custom-generated gift card which embeds the desired amount of a crypto token ($METIS) inside, which the receiver can withdraw.

This project has deployed and is live and ready to use! Check it out here.


Winner: WISE

WiseID is the first NFT based Web3 Identity Wallet of a user. It provides the ability to manage all kinds of identity and data points for a user. This allows for issuers, verifiers and requestors to come together and work in a collaborative fashion. With data present on the chain, there is no need for further verifications and hence brings unmatched efficiency into business processes resulting in greater opportunities and financial inclusion.

The estimated launch date for this project is February 6. Check out the submission here.

Runner Up: Crypto Recycling Machine

Crypto Recycling Machine gives an opportunity to recycle different kinds of bottles and get paid in cryptocurrency.

Integration plans are not currently set in stone for this project but check out the submission here.

In closing, we are excited to watch the evolution of these projects as they continue to build out and get further along in their respective roadmaps, and we are already very excited to host our next Hackathon. Stay tuned to our social channels to stay up to date with everything Metis, and one final thank you to all our amazing participants!