Welcoming all Metisians and frens to Metis Fest!

On April 22nd during DevConnect, we kicked off our first fest at Q-Factory in Amsterdam and are preparing to follow up our success in great crypto fashion at the Consensus festival in Austin, Texas on June 11, 2022!

To ‘talk crypto’, Metis Fest is an IRL ‘middleware’ for collaboration, inspiration and celebration for the world of web 3. Most of us would agree that when compared to traditional finance, the blockchain space is still in a ‘start-up’ phase, and with all the theatrics I don’t think it would be far-fetched to say when we all come together, it is sometimes reminiscent of college! So instead of just being a serious discussion as you would find in a math or philosophy class or a party like you would at your graduation, we are designing an infusion that takes the best of both worlds to make our events series impactful! One that sparks inspiration and also gets us shakin’ & moving together!

The evening began in the ambient venue with food and drinks, beats from DJ Laurence Losekoot, futuristic dancers and friendly, enlightening conversations. The on-stage features commenced with the spotlight on Metis co-founder and tech lead Yuan Su, who made a celebratory toast for Metis’ recent success with low tx costs and decentralized storage layer, making Metis the cheapest Layer 2 in the market! Yuan expressed gratitude for the many brilliant minds he had the opportunity to connect with during the conference and followed up with a surprise announcement stating that the Metis tech team is currently working towards gas-less transactions through an upcoming collaboration!

Exciting news from Metis Co-founder & Tech Lead: Yuan Su

Shortly after, our first panel discussion began. Ashton Barger (Head of partnerships from Zebu Live) moderated chats between Mark Zeller (Integration Lead at Aave), Alex Smirnov (Co-Founder of DeBridge) and our very own Caria Wei (Product Development Manager at Metis). All panelists exemplified great leadership by pinpointing issues related to cross chain interoperability and detailed how each project has been addressing security and deep liquidity issues.

We also featured an ‘Inclusivity and Innovation’ panel with H.E.R. DAO, a womxn-centered developer DAO that includes self-identifying women, trans women and non-binary audiences. Founder Tracey Bowen took the stage with fellow governors from her team: Oyinkansola Adebayo, Thy-Diep “Yip” Ta, and Lena Hierzi. These four bright, intelligent women discussed organizational objectives and how the web3 space has improved with womxn contributors, the gender parity and representation challenges in web3, and solutions we are working toward.

Aave V3 on Metis & Cross-Chain Operability

Keynote highlights included Alec Shaw from Sperax, a protocol that offers the first auto-yield stable coin that airdrops earned rewards right to your wallet, and Erin Taylor, CEO of Meta Space, a mobile music NFT marketplace that is set to launch in a few months with NFTs from massive artists such as Claptone, Amy Winehouse and David Bowie to name a few!

So, whether you are simply crypto-curious, searching for inspiration, building in web3, looking to expand your network, or are ready to celebrate with others in blockchain, Metis Fest has proven to deliver a standout industry experience! Follow @Metis_Fest on Twitter to keep up to date as we look forward to hosting you! Upward & onwards Metisians & frens!

Metis Fest, Q Factory — Amsterdam NL