Metis Ecosystem Development Program Partners

The Metis Ecosystem Development Program is here to help your business grow.

The program helps existing blockchain projects, new ideas and innovations, and non-blockchain projects launched on Metis Layer 2. Key benefits include: low cost, high efficiency, high scalability, high functionality, and the ease of use of blockchain. With those benefits, plus the security of the decentralized Ethereum network, Metis makes your business sustainable for the future.

The program is open to all sorts of blockchain projects. To date, DeFi companies have been the most frequent additions to the Metis Ecosystem Development Program.

We have assembled a team of experienced, savvy, well-connected partners and investors for the Metis Ecosystem Development Program. So if you run a DeFi project or another type of blockchain company, these are the venture capital partners at your service:

  • Autonomy Capital
  • 7 O’Clock Foundation
  • Master Ventures
  • InnMind
  • Ignition Launchpad
  • Apollo-X Launchpad
  • Ignition China

With the Metis Ecosystem Development Program, your DeFi, NFT, DAO, or other blockchain business can connect with leading venture capital firms within DeFi and other market segments. Those venture capital investments can help you grow your business via joint business development efforts in Asia, Europe, and North America.


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