Spring has sprung and it’s not just the housing market that is off the charts. Here at Metis we are in full throttle mode gearing up towards our public token sale and mainnet launch.

This week’s milestones                                         

Metis DAO Ambassador Program Launched


The Metis Planet Wide Ambassadors Program launched this week and we couldn’t be more excited about the community leaders coming onboard. Ambassadors take on missions and tasks, make contributions and gain rewards accordingly. Metis Ambassadors will enjoy enormous benefits of being part of the rapid expansion of the Metis DAO platform, the first of its kind.

We liken our Metis Ambassadors to the Greek god Hermes (Mercury), the swift-footed messenger, and trusted ambassador of all the gods. As we embark into the Bronze Age stage of the Metis DAO journey, we are seeking out the guidance and wisdom of those who will lead as Metis DAO ambassadors.

Do you have what it takes to be our Hermes? Take on missions, tasks and gain rewards. Community Leaders, Blockchain Industry Experts, and Influencers are all invited to apply to join the global ecosystem of Metis project, and become the cornerstone in the worldwide expansion of Metis.


For more information on the Metis Ambassador Program and to apply hit the link: https://forms.gle/B3Cs582zMZCqzBs66


Metis Releases New Technical Whitepaper and Organizational White Paper


This week our team put the finishing touches on our new technical whitepaper and on our organizational whitepaper. These are now available on our website.



This week was a busy week for Metis Founders. Elena Sinelnekova, CEO and CoFounder gave a lecture at Belaurus National Technical University on Blockchain, Layer2, NFTs and MetisDAO. If you speak Russian you can catch the recording here: https://youtu.be/mJ66LLXIeh4  AND she was also featured in the article “Tackling the Gender Gap in VC Fintech Funding on Addition Finance  . You can read the full article here: Tackling The Gender Gap in VC Fintech Funding 


Metis Layer 2 Solution Testnet Announcement

We are about to launch our MVP on Layer 2 – the first of its kind

Compared with other DAOs that are predominantly  Layer1 solutions, Metis is highly scalable and decentralized (supporting multiple virtual machines) Layer2 solution, capable of reducing the token withdrawal time from Layer2 to Layer1 via its mining incentive mechanism of Rangers, highly functional (microservice framework for easy extension of toolkit), highly usable (EVM compatible), and self-sustainable (support DApps/communities to launch their own tokens).

With the technical and organizational constructs of Metis, we will enable individuals/communities to open and run their business on the blockchain, with Optimistic Governance to buildup trust and protect their interest, on-chain tools to implement collaborations, which will open a new space for the general public to adopt blockchain. And fundamentally, to enable Ethereum to become the infrastructure of supporting value creation (collaborations), while not just payment.


Coming up:

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