CANDIDAC – The Metis Forum for All


What is Candidac?

Candidac is an open forum for all projects live or built on the Metis Ecosystem. This provides a platform where Metis projects and Partner projects are listed and thoroughly discussed by the community. Candidac is 100% an open audience and a platform to be heard from.


Looking to Partner with Metis? is a perfect place for Companies and Projects that wish to partner with Metis or build on the Metis Layer 2 ecosystem, as it provides a channel where new Companies can list their projects categorically as topics to be discussed by the entire community. The positive responses from the community can influence partnership outcomes.


Whats exciting?

Candidac does not consider only partners and potential partners of Metis. We allow any other project thus, projects with zero intent of partnership with Metis on Candidac. These projects and their community can sign up, create topics based on the category of their utility and start a discussion on their projects as well as any other project topic that one wishes to join its discussion. Also, we provide a ‘Reflection’ Category that lists projects with no utility or whose utility is itself. In other words, any project can be on CandidacIndeed, a forum for all.


A category is created for announcements only. These announcements may include general updates on projects listed on Candidac. The announcement category is admin-post-only. Project leaders or representatives will have to contact the admins and send to the admins the updates for it to be posted in the category.


Candidac aims to bestow a place that will allow companies to publicize and set out details on what their projects entail, the problems they target to solve and the relevance of such projects to our space.


Note: We do not advocate for any specific project neither do we support any special ideology in our crypto and NFT space. Be advised to DYOR on every project you find interest in. Candidac does not deem listed projects as financial advice.



What to do on Candidac?

  • Create topics for your projects.
  • Read about and discuss projects of your interest
  • Ask for feedback on partnerships


Metis Candidac Forum  Link: