Metis Ambassadors are a group of talented individuals from all over the world who can help grow our community, educate new members, and spread the word about the Metis Andromeda network.

To accomplish our mission, we are always on the lookout for volunteers under the Metis Ambassador program who can help us build local communities, grow by our side, and help spearhead mass adoption in the blockchain world.

Criteria for participation

1. You must be an active user of the Andromeda network and have good knowledge of our product and services

2. Have advanced knowledge of Ethereum, Layers 2 networks, and the cryptocurrency space in general. This includes but is not limited to having a general understanding of blockchain and related technologies

3. Have experience (portfolio/cv) in one of the following areas:

Community building

Content creation

Host meetups/participation in crypto conferences

Development of dApps (EVM)

Business development (partnerships)

Other activities that can contribute to Metis’ growth

4. You must have a CV or Portfolio

5. English knowledge at a business level (ability to also speak other languages is more than welcomed)

6. You have a community or activity in your region/country related to crypto

7. Active followers of Metis Social Media accounts as well as a good-sized, active follower base of your own is preferred

Areas for contribution

There are many areas in which you can contribute to Metis, depending on your background and skills. We’ll also support your own initiatives that you feel could benefit the project.

As Ambassador, your mission will be to look after the Metis community and its growth. There are 5 missions:


1. Community Management and Growth (Community Speciality)

  • Moderating various social media channels both online and offline
  • Help existing and new users use Metis’ products
  • Participate in/keep up with Metis Discord/Telegram/Twitter channels
  • Share info about Metis in the different communities
  • Tweet/post on personal accounts about Metis


2. Project and Tech (Product Speciality)

  • Product and feature feedback, suggestions or improvements
  • Build on Metis
  • Attract developers


3. Meet-up and Events (Event Speciality)

  • Assist in campaign and promotion with Metis & partners
  • Participation in crypto conferences in your region/country
  • Host meetups and present on behalf of Metis in your region/country
  • Encourage attendees to tag Metis on social media, wear Metis T-shirts etc.


4. Content creation and Translation (Content & Translation Speciality)

  • Assist in translating and proofreading content
  • Posting content and posts to your social networks


5. Business Development (BizDev Speciality)

  • Conducting preliminary meetings to connect these projects with Metis
  • Working with BizDev Metis team


What are the benefits of being a Metis Ambassador?

By joining our program, you will get:

  • Great growth opportunity as your role expands in direct relation to the growth of your region’s participation/involvement/adoption
  • Learn about the Metis ecosystem and its products
  • Contribute to building the fastest-growing Layer 2 ecosystem
  • Get invited to Metis events as a privileged guest
  • Get free access to training modules on
  • Get invited to exclusive Metis meetups
  • Receive limited edition of Metis merchandise
  • Early access to testnet versions of Metis products
  • Training from the Metis team about blockchain and crypto
  • Feedback, suggestions, and improvements of Metis as a high priority
  • Opportunity for career growth in the Metis team or partner projects (up to and including potential full-time employment; the first-ever Metis Ambassador is now a key member of the Metis team, and head of the Metis Ambassador program!)
  • Engage with like-minded crypto experts from all over the world
  • Sponsorship of attending conferences in your country where you can present Metis
  • Special recognition from other members of our community
  • Token rewards for accomplishments above and beyond standard Ambassador tasks



We’re very excited to hear from any interested candidates that are willing to attend conferences and events in the following locations and regions (though applicants from other regions will also be considered):

  • France
  • Latin America
  • Georgia (country)
  • Australia


Apply for participation

Please fill out the form to apply:

Telegram group (applicants):