Genesi DAC’s Selection Process:

Projects Genesi DAC is Looking For:

  • A unique project adding value to the Metis Ecosystem
  • Strong market (should meet the functional needs, desires and goals of the target audience
  • Well thought out, economically feasible and sustainable business model
  • Strong team with a proven track record and the right skills

Future Genesi DAC x Metis Involvement

How to apply for Genesi DAC?

  1. Submit all relevant information and materials about your project (pitch deck, tokenomics, white paper, website, Github) and team (key members, social media accounts). All applicants should first connect with the Metis BizDev team. Once approved, all materials should be submitted either to them or directly to Natalia Ameline.
  2. Genesi conducts an internal review. If Genesi thinks the project is a good fit, teams will have the opportunity to pitch their project to the Genesi DAC Investment Committee. The ~1 hour pitch includes a meet & greet, recorded pitch video and Q&A.
  3. The Genesi Investment Committee conducts a vote. If majority yes, all project information is released to the VCs / GenesiDAC members.
  4. VCs will review the material and make a decision individually. Genesi will connect teams directly to VCs who have expressed interest.