Metis Labs, a member of Genesi DAC, is excited to announce Genesi’s first strategic partnership and investment: Tristan Metaverse. Metis Labs and Genesi DAC will contribute to the incubation and support of Tristan Metaverse, forging a mutually beneficial partnership that will include lots of exciting news in the near future.

The Genesi DAC is a $100 million Ecosystem Development Program that provides business and financial support to projects that choose to call the Metis ecosystem their home.

Tristan Metaverse is a social media-integrated, planet-themed open Metaverse with a unique gaming experience for Web 3.0 users.

Players will be able to launch Tristan games by simply clicking on an instant DApp link in the Telegram or Discord community, without going through the sophisticated Web 3.0 authentication process, or even (if they wish) without a crypto wallet. This innovation will significantly lower the entry barrier to crypto games for common users and pave the way for massive Web 3.0 adoption.

The Tristan Metaverse core team is comprised of executives with high-level experience ranging from blockchain, technology, finance, gaming, and marketing, to community management. Tristan CEO Frank L elaborated on what this partnership means to the project:

“Metis is an answer to what Layer 2 is lacking. It is shaping up to be an ecosystem capable of filling the colossal void in the Layer 2 marketplace that we want to take part in. Tristan’s focus is to make crypto gaming mainstream. The aim is to lower the barrier of entry to the GameFi revolution and build an ecosystem where players and creators get rewarded and ultimately, have fun. This mission culminated in the idea for the strategic partnership with Metis. We aim to provide a light cloud wallet for the Metis community and ecosystem projects with a smooth crypto gamification experience by using social media accounts like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.”

Genesi DAC recognized the innovative and engaging ways in which Tristan Metaverse will add value to the Metis ecosystem. This partnership will be beneficial not only for the growth of the Metis ecosystem, but also for encouraging collaboration of community design and involvement through its open protocol for DApp deployment and development.

Metis is building a hub for the Web3 economy in three stages: Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution with fast and cheap transactions; no-code integration via smart contract templates; and a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) infrastructure enabling both blockchain and Web2 companies to build decentralized businesses on-chain, with all the functionalities of real-world enterprises and all the security and decentralization of Ethereum.

Stay tuned for more details and follow along on our collective social channels for updates.

For more information, please email Metis at: [email protected].

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