The L2 network focused on true decentralization is ready to meet the growing Web3 community in Bogotá! In partnership with Gitcoin and QiDAO,Metis will welcome developers to BogoHacks, a hackathon with over $15000 of bounties to be awarded to innovative Web3 projects ready to launch on Andromeda.

Over the past year, the Metis ecosystem has exploded with promising DeFi protocols, NFT infrastructure, evolved DAO tooling, and the development of soul bound tokens with Matrix Reputation Power. No matter the market conditions, we are focused on building the dream of a decentralized and empowering Web3. The Andromeda network is designed to support a bustling economy, and we are eagerly pursuing our roadmap milestones to increase functionality and expand community contributions.

In the spirit of collaboration, BogoHacks is an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, create innovative solutions, and support broken systems. We’re focused on:

  • Web2 to Web3 Integrative Systems
  • NFT Infrastructure Improvements
  • Soulbound Token Utilities

In previous hackathons, we’ve been astounded by the creativity and ingenuity of the Web3 community, and we’re thrilled to move forward together with new solutions. We’re committed to supporting projects through and beyond the hackathon, with additional benefits for winners that extend beyond bounty rewards. Winning projects will be taken into the Metis family and offered:

  • Mentorship to grow your project
  • User testing and product feedback
  • Pitch development and feedback
  • Technical roadmap mentorship
  • Investor introductions
  • Opportunities to present on panels, join our podcast, and other marketing outlets
  • Hackathon alumni discord channel + a connection to
  • Ongoing monthly builder rewards for deployed projects
  • Grant opportunities for continued sustainability
  • Connections to projects in the Metis ecosystem
  • The support of an engaged and enthusiastic community

BogoHacks will take place in Bogotá, at the Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa, during Devcon week, October 8–10. Hackers must attend in person to participate. To learn more about BogoHacks, join our Discord and find more details here.

Whether you’re a developer joining the hackathon, or just an enthusiastic community member, we’d love to see you at our closing ceremony! We’ll host our next MetisFest to announce the winners, honor them with an awards ceremony, and listen to an educational panel on how to propel a new Web3 project into a viable business. Register to hack here. Not a developer? You can still participate in BogoHacks for panels and networking during the Opening Ceremony here, and keep an eye on our MetisFest Twitter for more details. See you in Bogo!