Last week, Permissionless brought new energy to Palm Beach. The web3 community took the city by storm through innovation, buidling, and many good vibes. Web3 social summer truly kicked off with all our favorite projects, builders and frens, featuring many focussed and fun events, and the surprise launch of a social media protocol Lens to pull it all together! In light of even a bearish market, changemakers showed up at Permissionless to remind us all that the drive and spirit of web3 innovation is still very much alive.

Our favorite night!

Leave No Trace by Boys Club sponsored by Metis, Visa, and Flow Carbon

Metis undoubtedly made a splash as cosponsors and co-hosts of Boys Club’s Leave No Trace party with Visa and Flowcarbon! The event sold out with a mile long waiting list, and true to the Boys Club mission, we saw the most diverse representation of the entire conference. Compared to typical web3 parties/ events with seas of men and few women, our event represented a very inclusive crowd of change-makers in web3. A strong turn out of both women and men showed up in their best outfits and highly coveted web3 swag to celebrate the week with fellow innovators in the space.

Ft. Metis team members Ashley Spradlin, Andy Proffitt, Chelsea Kubo, Matt Gunn, Pavel Sinelnikov

Guests arrived at The Colony Hotel for a garden party with DJ and drinks. A pastel and patterned ballroom offered an oasis from the humidity outside, but with a cool drink in hand, the palm tree bordered patio was the place to be. A Boys Club backdrop set the stage for photos between networking chats and refreshers of Metis’ themed cocktail, “It’s called scaling.” Climate conversations generated by Flow Carbon’s efforts to offset carbon emissions and invest in environmental protection projects wove together with ways to get more Web2 companies, like VISA, integrated with Web3.

Inside, the dance floor was buzzing, and we were all taken back to grade school with temporary tattoos on every table. We sported heart-shaped odes to Vitalik or Metis girls on our biceps as we chatted with developers and innovators about what this summer has in store for Web3 and how we can support more women in the space. With two powerhouse women at the helm of Metis, we were excited to be in good company.

All in all, we’d describe the energy of Permissionless as focused, innovative and spirited. The market truly doesn’t stop the building or fun in web3. Projects and community turned up to build an even more decentralized and empowered industry, and the vibes were high as people collaborated over innovation this season.

We’re so glad to have partnered with Boys Club and looking forward to building with the web3 community and hosting our next Metis Fest during Consensus in Austin next month! Follow MetisFest on Twitter to get all the details on our upcoming events.