Unveiling Metis Africa

MetisDAO Foundation is thrilled to unveil Metis Africa, an Africa centered Metis expansion which will accelerate adoption, innovation, education, and talent development across the African continent across the African Continent. Africans are seizing the opportunity to bypass the low infrastructure in the banking system for new blockchain and DeFi solutions. As a next target, blockchain […]

Encode L2 Hack: Metis Challenges!

Calling all developers! Metis is pleased to sponsor Encode’s L2 Hack, a four week hackathon starting on October 17 to recognize the best developers, professional contributors in the community and to introduce them to the Metis ecosystem. Through our bounties, developers are encouraged to build on Metis and optimize various programs like Metis Grants and the Metis Builder Mining […]

DevCon Hackathon: Metis Presents BogoHacks

The L2 network focused on true decentralization is ready to meet the growing Web3 community in Bogotá! In partnership with Gitcoin and QiDAO,Metis will welcome developers to BogoHacks, a hackathon with over $15000 of bounties to be awarded to innovative Web3 projects ready to launch on Andromeda. Over the past year, the Metis ecosystem has […]

Buidling Innovation & Vibes! Metis at Permissionless ‘22

BUIDLING INNOVATION & VIBES! METIS AT PERMISSIONLESS ‘22 Last week, Permissionless brought new energy to Palm Beach. The web3 community took the city by storm through innovation, buidling, and many good vibes. Web3 social summer truly kicked off with all our favorite projects, builders and frens, featuring many focussed and fun events, and the surprise […]

Metis Fest: Your Destination for DAOs, Dapps and Dancefloors!

METIS FEST: YOUR DESTINATION FOR DAOS, DAPPS AND DANCEFLOORS! Welcoming all Metisians and frens to Metis Fest! On April 22nd during DevConnect, we kicked off our first fest at Q-Factory in Amsterdam and are preparing to follow up our success in great crypto fashion at the Consensus festival in Austin, Texas on June 11, 2022! […]

Metis Hackathon Recap & Spotlight

METIS HACKATHON RECAP & SPOTLIGHT After three months of BUIDLing, our Metis Hackathon yielded an amazing 80 submissions, all of which were unique and innovative in their own ways. Judging proved to be quite the arduous task, sorting through the submissions and distilling the various aspects of the projects to ultimately determine the winners. We are so […]

Metis Hackathon

Metis invites you to compete with hackers from all over the world. #MetisHackathon is an online hackathon and workshop that gives you the opportunity to build/port your Ethereum DApp onto the Metis Layer 2 platform and enjoy fast and cheap transactions, with inexpensive, native, IPFS-based data storage and win prizes from a total pool of […]

Metis CAO Lya Glaentzlin presents at Florida Bitcoin and blockchain summit 2021.

Lya Glaentzlin, Chief Administrator of Metis delivers at this years Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit. Watch and listen to how Metis layer 2 solution is bringing high scalability and low transaction cost on the Ethereum blockchain. The Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit is Florida’s first “blockchain & fintech in Florida” focused event, highlighting the ever expanding […]

Metis Launches The First-Ever Community-Minted NFT, “Rebuilding The Tower Of Babel”

TORONTO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2021 11:00 AM ET – Metis, the project focusing on developing technical and organizational infrastructure for the Web 3.0 economy, presents the first-ever community-minted *Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Known as “Rebuilding the Tower of Babel”, this community-minted NFT will bring people together to create a versatile community. Once the NFT […]


We are excited to announce the “METIS MEME STREAK” the first community meme contest. As we set out to revolutionize how people and business collaborate using blockchain technology, our “Metis Prologue” testing over the past weeks has shown proof of how easy it is to build on Metis layer 2 solution. To prepare ourselves ahead […]