Contribution and Reputation-based Governance Structure

Governance Structure

Governance Metis is a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC)-centric platform to power the web3 economy. The Metis Stack is reputation based, highly customizable, and dynamic. Governance is a critical component for collaboration and decision-making in a decentralized environment. We believe that contributors should govern the ecosystem based on the level of their contributions following the principle […]

#AndromedaWeek — Experience Metis Network on our 1 year Anniversary

Join Metis as we celebrate Andromeda Week, an event commemorating the first anniversary of our mainnet launch. Let’s celebrate by taking a look at the past year. We are overjoyed that our team has increased greatly in the last year! Metis Andromeda Mainnet was launched on November 19th, 2021 by three innovative blockchain entrepreneurs united […]

New Survey Indicates The Rapid Growth of Decentralized Organizations is Coming

The Rapid Growth of Decentralized Organizations is Coming

TL;DR Survey revealed Americans are ready for decentralization and are wanting more remote work options.  A growing need for more workplace independence, involvement in decision-making and flexible work hours and reduced interest in traditional models.   We have released a new report that dials into the current sentiments surrounding remote work among American workers, how […]


Ready to connect to the Metis Andromeda network and join the best community in crypto? We’ve got you covered. This week’s Tech Thursday explains how to connect a Metamask wallet to Andromeda and how RPCs work behind the scenes to enable users to interact with a blockchain network. From user interface to dApp development and […]


Thirsty for some Tech Thursday? We got you covered. This week, we’re serving up an explanation of slippage. What is slippage? Why should you care? How can you avoid slippage? What is Slippage? Slippage is the difference between how much you expect a trade to cost, versus how much it actually costs by the time it […]

MetisDAO Foundation 2nd Half Year Roadmap 2022

The vision of MetisDAO Foundation has remained the same since Day 1: we are determined to build robust infrastructure to backbone and power the Web3 economy. Over the past 12 months, we’ve been on a journey of building, making mistakes, learning, and refining our approach to realizing our vision. The Foundation is coordinating with several […]

The Future is Here: Matrix Reputation Power

Over the last few months, the Metis ecosystem has grown to become a vibrant, on-chain, and global community, all connected by Metis Smart L2 infrastructure and our shared belief in web3. We are a fully-fledged decentralized economy thanks to the efforts of everyone who believes in the power of Metis to shape the future. Today, […]

What can we say? The rumors are TRUE

The rumors are true: Metis is leading innovation among all L2s. Metis Andromeda has revolutionized the Layer 2 landscape forever, as it became the cheapest Layer 2 in existence. By tackling one of the 7-not-yet-fully-solved challenges shared by Vitalik in early 2021, Andromeda network is achieving tx fees never seen before in the Layer 2 space. The […]


To lock tokens usually means they can’t be traded or used for a specific period of time. Locking tokens can help projects maintain the more stable long-term value of assets, and users usually receive rewards when they contribute their tokens to a locker. Some lockers allow you to withdraw after a window of time passes, […]

7 Reasons to Build on Metis

7 REASONS TO BUILD ON METIS Metis is a well-known advocate for builders and the community, and we want to bring the best products and opportunities to those we advocate for. Thus we are very excited to be hosting an upcoming Rollathon alongside Github. This will be a great way to incentivize both the creation […]