New Survey Indicates The Rapid Growth of Decentralized Organizations is Coming

The Rapid Growth of Decentralized Organizations is Coming

TL;DR Survey revealed Americans are ready for decentralization and are wanting more remote work options.  A growing need for more workplace independence, involvement in decision-making and flexible work hours and reduced interest in traditional models.   We have released a new report that dials into the current sentiments surrounding remote work among American workers, how […]

Encode L2 Hack: Metis Challenges!

Calling all developers! Metis is pleased to sponsor Encode’s L2 Hack, a four week hackathon starting on October 17 to recognize the best developers, professional contributors in the community and to introduce them to the Metis ecosystem. Through our bounties, developers are encouraged to build on Metis and optimize various programs like Metis Grants and the Metis Builder Mining […]


Ready to connect to the Metis Andromeda network and join the best community in crypto? We’ve got you covered. This week’s Tech Thursday explains how to connect a Metamask wallet to Andromeda and how RPCs work behind the scenes to enable users to interact with a blockchain network. From user interface to dApp development and […]


Thirsty for some Tech Thursday? We got you covered. This week, we’re serving up an explanation of slippage. What is slippage? Why should you care? How can you avoid slippage? What is Slippage? Slippage is the difference between how much you expect a trade to cost, versus how much it actually costs by the time it […]

What is the Ethereum Merge, and What does it mean for Metis Andromeda?

After over 20 months of Beacon Chain and testnet merges, we’re finally about to undergo the most important upgrade in Ethereum and Web3’s history: The Ethereum Merge. What is the Ethereum Merge? The Ethereum Merge, previously known as ETH2.0, is the network’s transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Proof-of-Work is the consensus mechanism in which […]

Relay Chain Joins the Metis Marathon as a Bridge

Metis is proud to announce that Relaychain will be joining the Metis marathon. Building upon its comprehensive DEX ecosystem, Metis official bridging partner, RelayChain, launches its v2 bridge with increased security measures, intuitive UI, and enhanced staking rewards. The Metis Foundation has committed 3,600 METIS tokens to bolster RelayChain as its dedicated bridging partner. RelayChain currently […]

7 Reasons to Build on Metis

7 REASONS TO BUILD ON METIS Metis is a well-known advocate for builders and the community, and we want to bring the best products and opportunities to those we advocate for. Thus we are very excited to be hosting an upcoming Rollathon alongside Github. This will be a great way to incentivize both the creation […]

What’s in a Name? Metis Rollup Structure Reclassified

WHAT’S IN A NAME? METIS ROLLUP STRUCTURE RECLASSIFIED On April 12, 2022, Metis integrated a storage layer benefitting its rollup structure. Metis is now leading the L2 industry with the lowest gas costs of all L2s, while maintaining high security and data availability. Through leading innovation and evolution, L2Beat has reclassified Metis as an Optimistic […]

The Tech Journey: Lower Gas Costs & Storage Layer on Metis

Why are transaction costs not in cents yet? Much of the gas cost incurred on an optimistic layer 2 network is to offset the cost to rollup the transaction to Ethereum L1. Ethereum mainnet is expensive. For example, The above transaction rolled up 107 transactions. At the time of writing this post, the cost […]

Metis Storage Layer Benefits Community & Builders

Our new decentralized storage is used for rollup data and fraud-proof challenge processes, so a much larger number of transactions can be rolled up at once, resulting in a significant reduction of transaction costs — from a cost of about $2-$3 just a few months ago to 2 cents and 19 cents for a swap, […]