Contribution and Reputation-based Governance Structure

Governance Structure

Governance Metis is a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC)-centric platform to power the web3 economy. The Metis Stack is reputation based, highly customizable, and dynamic. Governance is a critical component for collaboration and decision-making in a decentralized environment. We believe that contributors should govern the ecosystem based on the level of their contributions following the principle […]

#AndromedaWeek — Experience Metis Network on our 1 year Anniversary

Join Metis as we celebrate Andromeda Week, an event commemorating the first anniversary of our mainnet launch. Let’s celebrate by taking a look at the past year. We are overjoyed that our team has increased greatly in the last year! Metis Andromeda Mainnet was launched on November 19th, 2021 by three innovative blockchain entrepreneurs united […]

MetisDAO Foundation announces “Metis Marathon” Builder Incentive Program

As if Metis 2nd half of 2022 Roadmap wasn’t exciting enough, MetisDAO Foundation has just announced Metis Marathon, a 26-week long builder incentive program that aims to incentivize a fierce development of the Metis ecosystem. Besides introducing some of the Top DeFi protocols by TVL to our ecosystem, the Marathon will also help create a […]

Reputation Power Matrix — Concept and Design

Reputation Power Matrix — a mechanism design for sustaining value and protecting privacy This article explains the concept and intuition behind Reputation Power Matrix, the long term version of an ideal reputation power system. Shift to Web3 It’s a widely supported belief that Web2 (our current web) is becoming increasingly centralized, to the point where […]

Metis $100 Million Ecosystem Fund: Genesi DAC

Genesi DAC, Metis investment arm, will be playing an even greater role in Metis ecosystem development, highlighted in Metis’ roadmap for the second half of the year, found here. Genesi DAC is a VC investor group and $100 million fund led by Natalia Ameline, co-founder of CryptoChicks. Genesi is an onchain investment DAC part of the Ecosystem […]

MetisDAO Foundation 2nd Half Year Roadmap 2022

The vision of MetisDAO Foundation has remained the same since Day 1: we are determined to build robust infrastructure to backbone and power the Web3 economy. Over the past 12 months, we’ve been on a journey of building, making mistakes, learning, and refining our approach to realizing our vision. The Foundation is coordinating with several […]

The Future is Here: Matrix Reputation Power

Over the last few months, the Metis ecosystem has grown to become a vibrant, on-chain, and global community, all connected by Metis Smart L2 infrastructure and our shared belief in web3. We are a fully-fledged decentralized economy thanks to the efforts of everyone who believes in the power of Metis to shape the future. Today, […]

Genesi DAC Announces First Strategic Partnership for Metis Ecosystem

Metis Labs, a member of Genesi DAC, is excited to announce Genesi’s first strategic partnership and investment: Tristan Metaverse. Metis Labs and Genesi DAC will contribute to the incubation and support of Tristan Metaverse, forging a mutually beneficial partnership that will include lots of exciting news in the near future. The Genesi DAC is a $100 million […]

Metis Timeline Update

Metis is building a Rollup platform that offers the optimal combination of security, scalability, and performance. Doing so requires constant analysis, frequent decision-making, and occasional tradeoffs. So today we’re excited to share with our community the current progress, breakthroughs, and short-term milestones of our expansion. Our aim is to launch with the most advanced, complete, and […]


It’s been a wild past few weeks in the world of blockchain. The NFT market has soared, becoming wildly popular and more valuable by the hour, while also costing far more in transaction-related gas fees. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is attracting landslides of new money every day, though the use of side chains and commit chains to back […]