Unveiling Metis Africa

MetisDAO Foundation is thrilled to unveil Metis Africa, an Africa centered Metis expansion which will accelerate adoption, innovation, education, and talent development across the African continent across the African Continent. Africans are seizing the opportunity to bypass the low infrastructure in the banking system for new blockchain and DeFi solutions. As a next target, blockchain […]

Metis Marathon Runner Profile: Hermes Protocol

Hermes Protocol burst onto the Metis DeFi scene in early 2022 and immediately turned heads with its innovative improvements on the ve(3,3) model. Since then, Hermes Protocol has been a stalwart DEX on Metis through providing low cost, near zero slippage trades and achieved product market fit as a favorite place for Metisians to trade […]

DevCon Hackathon: Metis Presents BogoHacks

The L2 network focused on true decentralization is ready to meet the growing Web3 community in Bogotá! In partnership with Gitcoin and QiDAO,Metis will welcome developers to BogoHacks, a hackathon with over $15000 of bounties to be awarded to innovative Web3 projects ready to launch on Andromeda. Over the past year, the Metis ecosystem has […]

QiDAO Has Oficially joined the Metis Marathon

The Metis Marathon has kicked off with a bang and we have lots of exciting news and alpha coming your way over the next few weeks. Continuing the series of exciting integrations on Metis Andromeda in the last few months, QiDAO v2 has deployed to Ethereum’s leading L2. QiDAO’s launch is an example of the […]

Hummus Officially Joins The Metis Marathon

In collaborative efforts to drive a deep well of stable liquidity on Metis and underpin the entire DeFi ecosystem with a strong and stable foundation, the Metis Foundation has committed 54,000 METIS tokens to bolster Hummus and its innovative offerings. Four months ago, Hummus Exchange deployed on Metis Andromeda combining the speed, security, and efficiency […]

Metis Marathon Community Campaign

As part of the Metis Marathon Builder Incentive program, MetisDAO foundation is thrilled to introduce the Marathon Community Campaign. Metis is noted for having great community support in the space, and throughout the 26-week Marathon Community Campaign, we are rewarding community members who participate and provide exceptional support. The campaign activities will run across various social media, […]

Chainlink Price Feeds Are Now Live on Metis, Helping Provide Our DeFi Ecosystem With High-Quality Price Data

We’re excited to announce that Chainlink Price Feeds, the industry-leading data solution for the DeFi economy, is now live on Metis Andromeda. Smart contract developers can now secure their applications with high-quality, decentralized price data natively on Metis, helping them to build highly scalable, low-cost, and feature-rich applications. The integration of Chainlink Price Feeds supports the […]

CEG Spotlight #1: Hera Finance

Hera Finance is the key liquidity aggregator for Andromeda Network, offering a wide variety of tokens and some of the best routes for any of their offered token pairs. Hera was also the very 1st project to register for our recently launched CEG program. What exactly is a Liquidity Aggregator? A dApp that searches for the […]

Matrix RPS Badge Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Metis Community NFT Badge contest on Creaticles! Ryujin (anon creator) is the winner and creator of six NFT badges for the launch of Matrix, Reputation Power. Ryujin is a visual artist with over 10 years of experience in the gaming/ movie industry, now working as a freelancer and active […]

What can we say? The rumors are TRUE

The rumors are true: Metis is leading innovation among all L2s. Metis Andromeda has revolutionized the Layer 2 landscape forever, as it became the cheapest Layer 2 in existence. By tackling one of the 7-not-yet-fully-solved challenges shared by Vitalik in early 2021, Andromeda network is achieving tx fees never seen before in the Layer 2 space. The […]