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“Metis is on track to achieve its goals… hitting every milestone on the roadmap thus far… The future is bright for Metis.”

Anyone, anywhere, can thrive in a decentralized economy


Advance blockchain technology to accelerate the world’s transition to an open, fair, and decentralized economy.


Create a decentralization platform for anyone, from startup to enterprise, to build, run, grow a company or community.
Coming together to power a better future
Answering the call to accelerate the transition to an open, fair, and decentralized world
Metis Co-founder & Decentralization Coordinator
Metis Co-founder & Product Lead
Metis Co-Founder & Nuvo Co-Founder and CTO
Genesi DAC Manager
Nuvo Co-Founder and CEO
DAC Portal Co-Founder and CEO
Koris Co-Founder and COO
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L2 Business Development Lead
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Communications and Metis Africa Lead
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Tech Community and Integration Associate
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Thank you for your relentless support to turn the Metis vision into reality


Metis is doing many things to benefit the whole Metis ecosystem. We work to:
  • advance blockchain technology by scaling Ethereum with a Smart Layer 2
  • accelerate the world’s transition to an open, fair, and decentralized economy, where anyone anywhere can thrive, by pioneering and empowering
    DAC DAC stands for Decentralized Autonomous Companies, envisioned by Metis as a revolution of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to accelerate the push towards a global Web3 economy. DACs are fully functioning businesses like existing companies, but fully decentralized ― infrastructurally and operationally. While DAOs are limited to governance and voting, DACs will be able to execute business functions like payroll, project management, HR, communications, and more. Metis is made for DACs, with the DAC quickstart framework already built into the infrastructure.
Metis is making it a whole lot simpler for anyone to take advantage of blockchain technology with little to no blockchain coding knowledge.

Anyone can benefit greatly from joining Metis ― from a developer, a project team, a startup or scaleup, to an established enterprise. 

Blockchain technology and its various crypto implementations are relatively new in the technology landscape. This newness brings along high levels of complexities, limitations, and costs. 

Metis is making blockchain accessible, affordable, and adaptable for anyone to build, run, and grow any app, business, and community using blockchain technology. 

Metis is also benefiting the users of apps, customers of businesses, and members of communities, by making its on-chain transactions super fast, cheap, and secure.

Metis is solving the persistent blockchain trilemma for Ethereum, making it possible to achieve all of the 3 desirable properties of blockchain: 
  • Decentralization
  • Security
  • Scalability 
The huge increase in demand for Ethereum has caused transaction prices to spike while transaction speeds lag. As Ethereum Smart L2, Metis increases both transaction speed (licketdy split faster finality) and throughput (a whole lot more transactions per second). Most importantly, Metis is creating solutions that are accessible, affordable, and adaptable ― so that anyone can build, run, and grow any app, business, and community using blockchain technology.