Community Ecosystem Governance (CEG)

Putting the power in your hands – where it belongs.


CEG is a decentralized voting framework to govern Metis. It empowers people like you to use votes and influence the ecosystem.


It is open to all Metis community members and developers. Those who care about and want to take part in decisions impacting Metis.


Decentralizing decisions

Metis was founded on the belief that anyone, anywhere, can thrive in a decentralized economy. The founding team has built the infrastructure for this bright future. As the ecosystem begins to thrive, now is the time to shift the decision-making power to the Metisians ― members of the community.


In YOU we trust

The first phase is voting on projects you believe in, and help them to become Community Verified Projects (CVP). In future phases, you will get to vote on more decisions impacting how the Metis ecosystem evolves (policies, fundings, etc.)


CEG Advantages

A project voted in as a CVP can gain social media and marketing activity that helps boost presence amongst the community. A CVP can receive Twitter Spaces, AMAs on Telegram and be featured in The Weekly Wisdom Podcast.

Be a part of
Metis Governance.

Here’s how.

01.  Check out active CEG proposals on CandiDAC

02.  Follow timely CEG updates on   & Telegram

03.  Cast your votes for projects on ✦✦

04.  Keep on voting!

✦ Voting will be active for 72 hours.
✦✦ Voting is absolutely free. To qualify to vote, you must have METIS
tokens (on either L1 or L2) in your digital wallet.
✦✦✦ Join CandiDAC to review CEG proposals. Participate in the forums by
asking questions and talking with other users.

Got a project already on Metis Andromeda?

Apply to become a Community Verified Project (CVP) and gain exposure.