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For uninterrupted security, unlimited scalability, and unbound profitability

Permissionless. Metis protocol, infrastructure, ecosystem, and community is open available to anyone to participate. You do not need permission to take part. Frictionless. Metis is making blockchain accessible, affordable, and adaptable. It means nothing will stand in your way to achieve the vision you have for your blockchain project Boundless. Build, launch, and grow your project without borders or limitations.

EVM. EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM Equivalence means the L2 solutions and all of its modules are completely compliant with Ethereum’s formal definition of its protocol. EVM Equivalence is greater than EVM Compatibility, which comes with compatibility limitations Learn more >









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From startups to scaleups to enterprises

Power your business at any stage

Startups & Small Businesses
Run with ease

Get on-chain fast with little to no coding requirements. Grow both capability and capacity to achieve more impact. Expand borders and reach new customers. Maximize return on every cent of your investment with extremely low fees.

Scaleups & Growth Companies
Grow with confidence

Scale your operations. Explore and test new business models. Integrate your community deeper into your business. Empower customers and supporters to become an active and effective part of your business.

Large enterprises & Corps
Advance with agility

Transform your business engine to thrive in a whole new world of an open web and a decentralized economy. Serve even the busiest marketplaces―with fast speeds to drive your efficiency and low fees to boost your profitability.


Ethereum Smart Layer 2 A Layer 2 (L2) is a separate network scaling the capability and capacity of Layer 1 network (L1). L2 inherits the security guarantees of L1. As Ethereum Smart L2, Metis increases both transaction speed (faster finality) and throughput (more transactions per second) without sacrificing Ethereum’s leading decentralization and security. Learn more >

Solving the blockchain trilemma The blockchain trilemma has forced tradeoffs between the 3 desirable properties of a blockchain ― decentralized, secure, and scalable. For Ethereum to achieve the highest levels of decentralization and security, the tradeoff has been scalability. But not any longer! Metis is solving the Ethereum trilemma with its Smart Layer 2. Learn more > without trade-offs
Blockchain technology has inherent security qualities based on principles of cryptography, decentralization, and consensus. Ethereum is the most secure blockchain of all. With Ethereum as its L1, Metis inherits Ethereum’s leading security and adds another layer on top for extra measure.

The huge increase in demand for Ethereum has caused transaction prices to spike while transaction speeds lag.

As Ethereum Smart L2, Metis increases both transaction speed (licketdy split faster finality) and throughput (a whole lot more transactions per second). Learn more >

With Ethereum as its L1, Metis inherits Ethereum’s decentralized infrastructure. 

To further advance decentralization, Metis also offers data storage on-chain that is both decentralized and affordable. On top of the decentralized infrastructure, Metis is also well on its way on the roadmap towards full decentralization of governance

Use cases

Powering Web3 Economy

Accelerating the transition to Web3 The third generation of the World Wide Web as we know it. Like the third evolution of a Pokémon, this evolved internet will have some resemblance to its predecessors, yet come packed with a whole lot more power. Web3 is a work in progress, bringing together decentralized technologies and applications, with a vision to empower every web user with full control and ownership over what they do and share online. for an open, fair, and decentralized world


Accept digital currencies


Sell digital assets


Decentralize and autonomize operations


Expand business to a new world