Runners, take your marks…

Get ready for the Metis Marathon!

Gain support and collaboration for your Web3 projects on Andromeda.

Don’t miss out on…

Builder Mining Rewards

  • Receive ongoing support for your projects deployed on Andromeda.
  • Gain monthly rewards, distributed based on transaction volume.
  • Every participating project will earn 30% of the gas fees it generates. Every single month.

Development Grants

  • Gain incentives for DeFi, NFT Infrastructure, Gaming, Community and more.
  • Qualified projects can receive funding for
    generative and innovative solutions.
  • The approval process and the grant amount will vary based on project complexity.

$100M in Development Funds

  • Providing investments and early support to
    qualified Web3 projects adding value to the
    Metis ecosystem through GenesiDAC.
  • Eligible teams can gain access to funding,
    network resources, and ongoing support.

Why run in this marathon?

  • Grassroots collaboration in a robust ecosystem
  • Gain the support of our growing community
  • Ongoing incentives to fund sustainable growth
  • Opportunities for business development mentorship
  • Step into the spotlight for networking and investment interest

Why have a Marathon?

Metis is committed to a sustainable decentralized network. By boosting ongoing support to the ecosystem, the community will evolve and thrive for the future.

We’re in this for the long run.